• Sam invests in distressed businesses alongside the company's majority shareholder(s).  Decisions to invest and the terms of such investments are situation specific.


  • Sam provides business and real estate loans in amounts of up to $1,000,000. These are short-term bridge loans and are collateralized by business assets and real property.


  • Revenue & EBITDA: Sam invests in  businesses with annual revenues of up to $75M with EBITDA of up to $5M. 

  • Sectors: The acquisition focus is on specialty manufacturing businesses, contract manufacturing, and business services.
  • Once the desired profitability level is achieved and trending in the right direction, Sam transitions to the role of Executive Chairman and continues to oversee the business and manages the executive team until a liquidity event occurs.

Chief Restructuring Officer

  • If a business needs restructuring, Sam will assume the role of Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) and takes charge of the business' operations. He will, as appropriate, engage additional professionals such as attorneys, accountants, investment bankers, commercial bankers, engineers, etc.
  • Location: Midwest, Northeast,and Southeast - - i.e. most industrial regions except the West Coast

Turnaround CEO

  • For businesses that are underperfroming, in need of a turnaround, or financially distressed, Sam assumes the role of CEO and takes charge of executing an appropriate corrective action plan.